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Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education (MOE), Grace McLean, is assuring stakeholders that the MOE is in an advanced stage of readiness for the 2010- 2011 academic year, with all financial obligations to schools set to be completed by the end of this week.
“The Ministry is in an advanced stage of readiness. To date we have uploaded on the school accounts at the high school level, the tuition fees for all our high schools. We have also uploaded in their accounts the school feeding grants, as well as the PATH nutritional support and we are in the process of uploading and preparing cheques for our primary schools as it relates to their grants and subventions,” she said.
“We expect that by the end of this week, August 27, we would have fulfilled all our obligations as it relates to the financial support for our schools”, she emphasized during a Think Tank session at the JIS’ Head Office in Kingston Wednesday (August 25).
Mrs. McLean explained that a number of training sessions have taken place to better equip principals and teachers.
“All our regions have been engaged in seminars, workshops and various kinds of sessions as we explore the major and critical components of the system that have been affecting our students, for example, literacy and numeracy, safety and security, student welfare as well as the general teaching and learning process and the readiness of our teachers,” she further pointed out.
As it relates to infrastructural development, repairs are being done to several schools and the delivery of furniture has commenced.
“We are in the process of doing minor repairs to some of our schools looking specifically at the sanitary conveniences, roofs that are leaking, painting of some of our classrooms as well as the general repairs that we would have done during this time of the year. We are also in the process of the delivery of furniture to our various schools. We are doing this on a priority basis. We have so far done approximately 10 schools; the others are now scheduled for delivery within the next few weeks,” the Chief Education Officer pointed out.
According to Mrs. McLean, a major focus of the new school year will be placed on quality.
“As a result of this, we are now fine-tuning our accountability framework and our school improvement plan. Each school has to prepare a school improvement plan and these are being prepared and submitted to the MOE, so that we can sign off on these plans and we can put our accountability system in place, to ensure that we are meeting the targets that have been set by the MOE,” she informed.
In the meantime, the Chief Education Officer is reiterating that there should be no increases in auxiliary fees, and students should not be sent home if they are unable to pay.
“We have instructed the schools that there should be no increase over the previous year for auxiliary fees, we have also instructed them that under no circumstances should our students be turned back if their parents are unable to afford the auxiliary fees”, Mrs. McLean advised, while pointing out that if schools have challenges, they should contact the Ministry.
“In situations of this nature, we have asked our principals to get in touch with the Education Officers, the Regional Officers and advise us of the specific challenges they are having, as it relates to balancing their budgets for auxiliary fees, so we could look into the situation specifically to see what additional support, if it is possible, that the Ministry could provide,” she explained.
Mrs. McLean is also encouraging parents that they should work with the schools, as best as possible, and bring their queries about auxiliary fees or otherwise, to school administrators or the Regional Offices.

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