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Secretary/Manager for the St. Ann Parish Council, Clinton Gordon, has said that the Council would be putting strict measures in place to ensure that persons conform to building laws.
He told JIS News, that people often build without the proper permits and they disregard notices served for them to discontinue.
“The buildings they construct are sometimes not safe and also, where they put the buildings, sometimes infringe on the rights of other persons by building too close to their neighbours’ fences or in contravention of the Building Act,” he stated.
He said that effective April 1, 2009, the Council would seek to ensure, that persons who run afoul of the Building Act, were prosecuted under the law. A series of public meetings are underway to inform residents about the move and the need for them to comply with building laws.
In addition, workshops would be held with staff of the Resident Magistrate Courts, “so that we are up-to-date and on one page with regards to what we are doing in terms of enforcing the law and upholding the law,” he said, noting that the first workshop would be held this month.
According to Mr. Gordon, it was very important that persons become aware and understand that if they run afoul of the building code they could lose their property or be fined a minimum of $25,000 and a maximum of $500,000.
“If you continue to flout the law, then the Crown can seize your property and we are going to really be going this way. We don’t want to send anybody to jail or to seize anybody’s property; that is the last thing we would want to do. What we want to ensure is that people building homes conform to the law,” he stated.
He appealed to prospective builders to seek proper advice and to take their building plans to the Council so that approval could be given for the process.

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