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The Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS), has revamped its annual high school photography programme. On Tuesday (March 3) it launched a ‘Resolution Project,’ which, in addition to exposing the creativity of students, aims to encourage them to focus on issues that can bring about positive change to their communities.
Speaking at the launch held at the Bloomfield Great House in Mandeville, Manchester, General Manager of the JNBS Foundation, Saffrey Brown, said the project provided “an avenue through which students are empowered to become advocates for change through photography.”
Ms. Brown explained that the project, formerly known as Youth Zoom, has been rebranded to place greater emphasis on the resolution of problems identified by the participants.
“The Foundation decided to inject a fresh and vibrant approach to elements of the programme. We have added new and exciting components, and enhanced the ones that have been critical to achieving our objectives. Advocacy through photography is to allow students to find their voices, to understand and embrace their power, and become catalysts in their communities,” she outlined.
Executive Director of Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ), Dr. Carolyn Gomes, who was the guest speaker at the launch, urged the participants to use the project to highlight the rights of every citizen.
“There are many ways to stand up and speak for something, and one of the most powerful ways is through art. It accesses a deep part of a person’s brain and heart in a way that mere words sometimes cannot,” she noted.
“Pictures tell a thousands words, and this project aims to give you a chance to speak a thousand words in picture, to reach into the deep parts of someone’s heart and mind, to show them, and teach them something new about rights in a way that makes them understand like they never did before,” Dr. Gomes added.
The programme is open to schools outside of the Kingston Metropolitan Area, and also provides training in digital photography and advocacy.
Partners in the project include the National Library of Jamaica and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
Winners of the Resolution Project are eligible to enter the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s national competition.

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