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    The Scientific Research Council (SRC) is encouraging entrepreneurs who produce food or cosmetics to standardise their production process by using formulas instead of recipes.

    “The SRC often receives calls from persons who want to manufacture food or cosmetic products using our pilot plant. However, they are unaware that to produce products in a large commercial quantity requires a formula rather than a recipe. So, we [invite] persons to contact us to formulate their products before they seek to manufacture them on a large scale,” SRC Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager, Carolyn Rose Miller, told JIS News.

    Ms. Rose Miller defined a recipe as a set of ingredients and instructions needed to manufacture a food item.

    She indicated that a formula is a fixed set of specific ingredients listed in percentage by weight, with accompanying processing instructions that have been standardised to consistently produce a food item in large quantities.

    Ms. Rose Miller added that all the ingredients in a production formula amount to 100 per cent.

    “With a recipe, the results vary from batch-to-batch, based on inherent inaccuracies such as human error and measuring in volume rather than by weight. Reproducibility and consistency are important when producing large-scale commercial products,” Ms. Rose Miller explained.

    She shared that, based on market trends, the SRC also develops food and cosmetics formulations and makes them available for persons to purchase.

    “The Council has confidentiality policies in place to protect clients and is open to signing contracts with [them], including non-disclosure agreements,” Ms. Rose Miller added.

    For more information persons, can e-mail the SRC at headsrc@src-jamaica.org,  or call 876-927-1771-4.

    The SRC is the agency of the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, mandated to foster the development of scientific research, be a repository of scientific information, and facilitate the development, application, transfer and/or improvement of the technology of such research for the country’s benefit.

    The SRC also serves as an enabler in the creation of new industries and encouragement of technical processes on a cooperative basis with all stakeholders involved.

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