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Deputy Group Managing Director of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), Ruth Potopsingh has lauded the Scientific Research Council (SRC) on its sustained promotion of science and technology.
She was speaking at the opening ceremony of the 19th Annual National Conference and Exposition on Science and Technology on Tuesday (Nov. 22) at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.
“It takes vision, courageous leadership and proper soul commitment to maintain the momentum in an environment, which is globally dynamic and in which scientific and technological developments occur in quantum leaps,” Mrs. Potopsingh said in further admiration of the work of the SRC.
Describing the conference as “Jamaica’s premier science event,” the Deputy Group Managing Director said the theme of the event, ‘Science and Technology for Economic Development: Energy in the 21st Century’ was quite relevant. “The role of energy in development cannot be over-emphasized as it underlies all economic activity and represents a prerequisite for economic development,” she noted.
Mrs. Potopsingh pointed out that Jamaica, as one of 191 member states of the United Nations, had committed itself, through the Millennium Development Goals, to make “the right development a reality for everyone,” and had agreed on a series of specific goals to tackle a number of problems simultaneously.
The Millennium Development Goals, among other things, challenges developing countries to effectively harness technologies and to gain access to new and emerging technologies in an effort to adapt these technologies to local conditions.
Mrs. Potopsingh emphasized that improvements in access to cleaner energy and cleaner energy practices, could make multiple contributions to achieving the Millennium Development Goals, noting that, “renewable energy technology, whether it be solar, photovoltaic (the transformation of the sun’s rays into electricity), wind, mini hydro, biomass, or ocean thermal energy conversion is particularly relevant to Jamaica and the Caribbean where climatic conditions favour the expanded use”.
She also urged the SRC to use the knowledge shared by the many energy professionals attending the conference to aid in finding solutions to the country’s energy problems and in “the creation of a sustainable energy future.”

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