JIS News

Farmers in Clarendon have benefitted from a wealth creation seminar, to help them to better manage their money.The session, which was organized by the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), was held on Tuesday (Nov. 22) at the Denbigh Agricultural Showground in May Pen.
Thomas Mayne, Regional Manager at the JAS, told JIS News that the objective of the session was to “help farmers to properly manage their income and to urge them to invest in their children’s education at an early age, so that the strain of funding for tertiary education won’t exist at the time the funding is required.”
Representatives of Life of Jamaica Insurance Company, Jamaica Money Market Brokers, Heritage Education Funds International, made presentations, while the JAS announced a joint initiative with Excel Insurance Brokers, to introduce the JAS/Excel Farmers Healthcare Plan Plus.
Conway Scott, 52-year old avocado and citrus farmer, told JIS News that the session was very informative.
“It was excellent, it provided information on how to put money to good use and to create wealth. Farmers need more of this. I want to congratulate the JAS for organizing it and it will encourage me to encourage other farmers to join the JAS,” he stated. Another educational session will be held in the parish.