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The Hanover leg of Spruce Up Jamaica 2 was officially launched in Lucea yesterday (June 12), with Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett, presenting a commitment letter for $1.9 million to Mayor of Lucea, Councillor Lloyd Hill, for the maintenance of the programme.
The presentation of the cheque took place in the chambers of the Hanover Parish Council, following an abbreviated Council meeting.
In presenting the commitment letter, Minister Bartlett explained that the initial sum will be supplemented by a further monthly amount of $300,000.
“This cannot be the totality of the financial requirements and I know that the Council has its programme, because yours is the mandate to ensure that the safety and the cleanliness of this town are maintained, so this will add to your programme,” he pointed out.
The Minister outlined that Spruce Up 2 will involve human and physical upgrading, in addition to environmental cleaning.
The programme, he said, will also incorporate a ‘WOW factor’, which involve the creation of points of excellence in every resort community. “We are starting that WOW factor with the elegant corridor of Rose Hall and we are moving that across the resort areas. We want to establish something that when you look at it you say WOW,” he explained.
Member of Parliament for Western Hanover, Ian Hayles, who was on hand to witness the occasion, thanked Minister Bartlett for the initiative and made a plea for the people of Lucea to embark on a “holistic sprucing up of both the environment, and the hearts and minds of individuals.”
He said that the parish of Hanover is poised for major developments and the creation of a clean and peaceful environment is essential to making the parish and the town of Lucea marketable.
Spruce Up Jamaica 2 was officially launched at the Old Hospital site in Montego Bay on May 21, and followed closely on the completion of the first phase of the programme.
The project is being financed by the Ministry of Tourism through the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) in collaboration with the private sector.

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