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Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Works, Joseph Hibbert, has said that critical drainage works will be undertaken at major urban and rural thoroughfares across the island.
These include the Sour Sop Turn area of Clarendon, where drainage and pavement works, valued at US$3.5 million, will be undertaken on an 8.1-kilometre stretch.
Similarly, due to the frequent inundation of the Bog Walk Gorge road in St. Catherine, efforts will be made this fiscal year to protect a total of 14.86 kilometres of the roadway through works including river, de-silting and road rehabilitation, at a cost of US$1.1 million.
Mr. Hibbert, in his 2008/09 Sectoral presentation in the House of Representatives on June 11, informed further that flood control work will also be done on the Manchioneal road between Fair Prospect and Muirton in Portland; the Yallahs to Easington roadway in St. Thomas; while a new Bailey bridge will be constructed in Georgia, St. Thomas.
He said that these works are in addition to $1.1 billion to conduct gabion, bunding and de-silting projects island wide. Some of the areas to benefit are: Morant Johnson, St. Thomas; Rio Grande, Portland; Rio Minho, Clarendon; Outram, St. Mary; Riley River, Hanover; and Negro River, St. Ann. Moreover, de-silting will be undertaken at Nine Miles and Hope River in St. Andrew and Ten Miles in St. Thomas.

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