Mr. Speaker, during my Budget presentation for this Fiscal Year, I informed the Parliament that the Government is developing Plan Secure Jamaica.

It is a comprehensive, whole of government plan to build a national security architecture that is robust, resilient and adaptable, capable of responses that address immediate problems that yield long-lasting, transformational results.

The plan is being actively pursued and elements of the Plan Secure Jamaica are already operational.

Mr. Speaker, during that budget presentation in March 2017, I tabled legislation to address one element of Plan Secure Jamaica, that is the area of Community Safety, Public Order, Crime and Violence.

The Act to provide for special measures for upholding and preserving the Rule of Law, public order, citizen security and public safety within certain geographically-defined areas of Jamaica; and for connected matters.”

Or concisely the Zones of Special Operations, Special Security and Community Development Measures Act, 2017, is only one of a suite of measures that will be employed to address the national security issues generally, but community safety and crime and violence particularly.

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