Reports appeared in Jamaican and UK newspapers on Sunday May 13, 2007 concerning the investigation into the death of Bob Woolmer with further speculation that he died from natural causes.
The JCF is conducting an extensive and thoroughly professional investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Bob Woolmer. This has included a request to the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in London to conduct a review of the investigation. In addition, due to the open and transparent approach to the Woolmer investigation, the JCF has also welcomed assistance of the Pakistani authorities and INTERPOL.
The review included an independent verification of the pathology and toxicology analysis that had been conducted in Jamaica. The definitive results of that work have yet to be completed although DCP Mark Shields and DSP Colin Pinnock have met with the MPS review team and the pathology and forensic experts. They are now in Cape Town where they are briefing Mrs. Gill Woolmer and her family on the progress of the investigation as well as conducting a number of other priority enquiries.
Throughout the course of this investigation, the designated JCF spokespersons have made it very clear that this is a unique and highly complex investigation that requires the team to keep an open mind surrounding the circumstances of Bob Woolmer’s death. Since the Commissioner’s statement on Thursday, March 22, 2007 that Bob Woolmer’s death was being treated as a murder investigation, the JCF has consistently maintained that it would not speculate. That will remain our position until such time as the results of the investigation are known; including the forensic and pathology analysis.
The speculation made in Sunday’s (May 13, 2007) newspapers is part of a series of unhelpful reports that have appeared in the media throughout the duration of this investigation. The JCF would again urge the media to refrain from speculation because of the additional distress it places upon the Woolmer family and the fact that it can hinder the progress of the investigation.
The JCF’s international partners and the Woolmer family have consistently expressed confidence and satisfaction in the conduct of the investigation.
A statement will be made by the JCF as soon as it is in a position to provide information on any new developments.

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