Mr. Speaker…

Acknowledgments: Family, Ministry, Constituency, etc.

I want to thank the Most Honourable Prime Minister for giving me the opportunity of announcing to the country, Nomination Day and the date of Local Government

Elections 2016. It was a special experience, Mr. Speaker, and it showed the high regard that is held by the Prime Minister, and Chairman of the Cabinet, for Local

The outcome on the night of Monday, November 28, is one that I will always remember, and one that I know that others will never forget.

Last year, in this House, I argued for the unified leadership of central and local government, to deliver prosperity to Jamaica. I say thanks once again to the people of Jamaica,
for giving us the opportunity to make it happen.

Mr. Speaker, the role of the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development is widely misunderstood. Many persons, including even some within the organs of local government, believe that its functions barely go beyond the moving of Resolutions for the cleaning of drains.

However, every aspect of life in the country requires the regulatory or project input of Local Government. Development approvals for hotels, general business
and housing projects large and small require the input of Local Government.

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