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Sectoral Presentation by Hon. Robert Montague


Minister of National Security, Hon. Robert Montague

Pathway to a safer and prosperous
Sectoral Debate Presentation by 
Minister of National Security, Robert Montague
George William Gordon House
July 6, 2016

First of all I wish to thank the Almighty for what he has done for me, by me and through me. I wish to thank my family for standing with me even in difficult times; for believing in me while others did not.

Mr Speaker, I wish to congratulate you, for elevation and promotion. Let me also thank the Most Honourable Prime Minister for his confidence in me, in appointing me to this portfolio.

To the Parliamentary staff headed by Mrs Cooke, I remain grateful for the guidance and support. To my Minister of State, Senator Pearnel Charles Jnr.; a bright, thoughtful and resourceful young man, whose assistance is invaluable. To the staff at the Ministry and all its agencies, a big thank you.

My personal security team, headed by Inspector Samuel Heron, Sergeant Blackwood, Taylor, Constable Cleve Malcolm and the section headed by Corporal S King in St. Mary.

May I also state my heartfelt thanks to my driver and sometimes my only company, Mr. Ralston McKinley aka Jimmy. He has been with me every step even when the roads are rocky and when the hills are steep. Jimmy was there. Mass Jimmy a heartfelt

To my personal and support staff a big thank you. I wish to single out Mr Dennis Wright, my colleague, friend, big brother and sounding board. Dennis a heartfelt thank you.

I wish to thank my five Councillors , Doreen Hutchinson , Jason James, Bruce Farrell, Fitzroy Wilson and Hugh Radway. Three of whom are from the PNP; let me acknowledge the three councillor candidates, Sheldon Kidd, Leroy Sewell and Krystal Lee.
To my political team, the runners, the outdoor and indoor agents, the supervisors, the taxi drivers, the management team, it’s their work and the support of the people who have placed me here.

Mr Speaker, this team, my team did the most remarkable job in the last election.

As a result of their work I received the highest number of votes as a candidate in all of Jamaica, 11,710, in the 2016 general election. This 11,710 is more than all the votes cast, in 14 constituencies including Kingston Western, St Andrew South, East Kingston and Port Royal and Central St Catherine and Central Clarendon. SW St. Andrew, in total only got 19 more, but next time, next time!

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