Let me begin by thanking the team at the Women’s Leadership Initiative for inviting me to be part of today’s activity.  The WLI and I share a common goal: we want to see the end of child abuse.  Therefore, I am very pleased to work with the WLI and all other groups to ensure that we achieve our goal of a violence-free environment for our children. I want to congratulate the President and Leadership of the WLI for taking steps towards the elimination of violence against children and for your strong interest in reducing child sexual abuse through public awareness, education and training — work which continues this afternoon with this workshop.


I note that most of the participants in this workshop today are Basic School teachers.  It seems that everyday teachers are required to take on added duties and responsibilities.  Today, the job requires you to become surrogate mothers and fathers, counsellors, part-time nurses and nutritionists…and yes protectors against sexual predators.


We know it is an awesome responsibility.  We also know that you will carry this responsibility faithfully because you love and care for each and every child that has been, is, and will ever be in your loving, caring and capable hands and I thank you for the work that you continue to do, even under sometimes very trying circumstances…READ MORE

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