Madam Speaker, I rise in this Honourable House to provide an update on Jamaica’s Vaccination Response.

Worldwide, we see where over 128 million cases of COVID19 infection recorded worldwide, and 2.9 million deaths,
vaccination as a response to containing the disease is critical to get our lives back to normal.

Currently in Jamaica, Madam Speaker, we have recorded in excess of 38,000 confirmed cases of COVID19 and 586 deaths. With this in mind, we recognize that as part of the country’s response to the pandemic, vaccination is crucial.

Madam Speaker, my goal today is, therefore, is to update this Honourable House and the country on the progress made in regards of the Vaccine Implementation Plan.

Madam Speaker, Jamaica began its vaccination exercise on Wednesday, March 10, 2021. As of March 29, we have vaccinated 37, 508 persons across the island with the following breakdown:

Week 1 – 16, 096 – This represents 94% of target
Week 2 – 13, 244 – This represents 116% of target
So far for week 3 – 8,168 – This represents 42% of target

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