This year’s Workers’ Week has found us in the throes of a global financial crisis and confronted by even greater challenges than those that existed in previous years; therefore, giving even greater significance to this year’s Workers’ Week. These challenges that prevail, highlight the need for a deeper sense of unity and love amongst our people; and place on us, a greater demand for commitment to work and service, in order to build our nation.
I appeal to Jamaicans to let that fire of volunteerism be alight in your hearts; and join with family, friends, the church, your community and any other organisation, in executing projects and programmes in the various communities. The problems out there are great – but not insurmountable. Through a forged, concerted and sustained effort, inroads can be made in tackling the myriad of challenges, with which we wrestle.
I urge Jamaicans to recognise that each of us has a stake in this country; and we must readily embrace our responsibility in making a contribution to its growth and development. This sustained development that we wish for our beloved nation, cannot be achieved in isolation – as the Government cannot do it alone – it must be done with co-operation and collaboration!
So, as we mark Workers’ Week 2009, let us all “ketch the vibes…” and go out into the various communities throughout the country and “labour with love.”

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