Theme: Promoting Digital Transformation and Positive Values & Attitudes

– Imperatives for Redefining 21st Century Education

Education Week 2020 is being observed under some of the most challenging and difficult circumstances globally. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of daily life and has been particularly daunting for the public education system. Thankfully, however, it has also provided an opportunity for our people to respond creatively and collaboratively to the challenges as we seek to enable students to continue receiving education through a variety of digital, broadcast and shared printed material modalities.

This year’s observation of Education Week, under the theme “Promoting Digital Transformation and Positive Values & Attitudes – Imperatives for Redefining 21st Century Education” therefore offers an opportunity for all Jamaicans to reflect on and acknowledge the new and emerging imperatives in education and the importance of flexibility and relevance in our contemporary society. It is also a time for us to reinforce the important role that education plays in promoting equity, and for us to celebrate the achievements of our students and the invaluable service of our educators in building our society.

A special week dedicated to education is an important avenue through which our society collectively highlights the partnership among teachers, parents and students. This period, and especially so this year, highlights education as a continuing process, challenging all of us, in the formal system and as supportive stakeholders, to take advantage of new technologies, new modalities and new perspectives to complement traditional methods of teaching and learning.

I trust that as we reflect and celebrate virtually this year we will find much to be thankful to God for even as we seek to navigate personal and institutional challenges.

On behalf of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, I extend a heartfelt thanks to all the teachers who have gone beyond the call of duty, sometimes at great personal expense, to support the continuing education of our Jamaican children.
May God continue to bless you all.

Karl Samuda, CD, MP

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