I rise to make my second Budget presentation in the capacity as Shadow Minister of Finance & Planning.

Today I wish to publicly thank:

  • My beautiful and loving wife Sandra, whose solid support has enabled me to face and overcome many challenges over the 35 years that we have been together. Babes, this year I will once again quote the Manhattans – “There’s no me without you”.
  • I will always honour my parents. My late father, Professor Sir John Golding, who as Jamaica’s first orthopaedic surgeon spent his life in medical service to the less fortunate in our country. He was a builder of many important institutions to empower the disabled. My mother, Lady Patricia Golding, has also led a life of public service, and is always dignified, kind and strong. God bless you, Mummy.
  • My three children, all adults now, have been supportive of all that I do, and two of them are here this afternoon, which in itself represents a historical moment for our
  • My energetic and dedicated Constituency Executive and the wonderful people of South St. Andrew, who gave me their trust and elected me their Member of Parliament in October 2017. It is a tremendous honour and privilege to represent you. You have blessed me with your love and support, and it is a profound pleasure
    to serve you in return.
  • I thank our Party President, and Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Peter Phillips, for appointing me to shadow the portfolio of Finance & Planning. It is an honour to sit beside you in this House. I continue to benefit from your experience and wisdom, your deep understanding of Jamaica’s political history, your strategic intelligence, your unwavering commitment to national development, and your personal friendship and support.
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