Mr. Speaker, members of this Honourable House, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, visitors in the gallery – (and let me specially recognise students from my alma mater St. Catherine High School); my fellow Jamaicans listening and watching on TV, radio, and the internet, I must give thanks to God for sparing us as a nation and as a Parliament, that we can all gather here once again to discuss the people‟s business and  recommit ourselves as instruments of His will.


Mr. Speaker, I believe it will be generally agreed that your conduct of the House deserves commendation.


Mr. Speaker, I do not stand here alone. I stand here because of the support of my colleagues on this side.


I stand here today because the people of West Central St. Andrew have returned me to Parliament for consecutive terms.


I stand here today because of the thousands of delegates and workers of the Jamaica Labour Party who continue to support me and the team.


I stand here today championing a cause for the hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans who hold the view that:


  • the economy grows under the JLP,


  • crime will fall under the JLP,


  • education and social services will improve under the JLP,


  • their quality of life will be better under the JLP,


  • and Jamaica will Move Forward – from poverty to prosperity – under a Jamaica Labour Party government.


I want to thank them for their support, calls, letters, emails, text messages, Facebook and Twitter posts.


The most common message is, “we are praying for you”.


Mr. Speaker, I accept those prayers humbly and the blessing that comes with them…READ MORE

Download Contribution to the 2015/2016 Budget Debate by the Leader of Opposition 

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