The Covid-19 pandemic is the most threatening global health crisis in over a century. It has led to a global economic shock of unprecedented proportions.

The Government of Jamaica is responding with a $25 billion stimulus, the largest stimulus package in Jamaican history.

It consists of a reduction in the rate of GCT from 16.5% to 15.0% and other tax benefits expected to cost $15 billion and a spending stimulus of $10 billion.

In my opening budget presentation on March 10 2020, I outlined a $7 billion fiscal contingency, earmarked to provide an economic response to the Covid-19 pandemic, that was subsequently increased to $10 billion. In my closing budget presentation on March 24 2020, I outlined details of this $10 billion spending stimulus under the Covid Allocation of Resources for Employees (CARE) Programme.

Since then persons have enquired as to the application process, eligibility, and benefit levels. This brochure has been prepared in response and will hopefully answer most of these questions. However, the Covid pandemic and its effects are rapidly evolving, as such we may update the CARE Programme over time.

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