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  • Members of staff from the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) visited the Mount Olivet Boys’ to interact and spend quality time with the staff and wards during the Christmas season.
  • Special Projects Officer at the JIS, Christine Ade-Gold underscored the high value of the support that has been given to the Home.
  • The JIS members also help to finance the venture through fund-raisers, including bake sales, which get tremendous support from all departments.

With 15 visits to Mount Olivet Boys’ Home and counting, the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) is considered family and the Christmas visit, where staff and ward members interact and spend quality time together, is highly anticipated by all involved.

“We visit three times per year – the Easter visit and Sports Day in April, in August for back-to-school-preparations, and December for our Christmas visit. For each visit, we celebrate the birthdays observed over the past four months and the boys are always jovial, warm and welcoming,” Special Projects Officer at the JIS, Christine Ade-Gold, shares.

“This is the season of giving and we try to get as many sponsors on board as possible to support us in giving the boys something tangible to celebrate with, in addition to the love and care that we always have to offer them,” she tells JIS News, adding that her team is very pleased with what they were able to give the boys this time around.

Expressing gratitude for the kind assistance of corporate Jamaica towards the Home, Ms. Ade-Gold underscores the high value of the support that has been given to the Home. The JIS members also help to finance the venture through fund-raisers, including bake sales, which get tremendous support from all departments.

The Mount Olivet Boys’ Home, in Walderston, Manchester, was adopted by the JIS in 2009 and is the agency’s premier corporate social responsibility initiative. The project, which also involves mentorship of the boys, has grown over the years, with the JIS inviting other sponsors on board to donate well-needed items to the facility, which is home to close to 30 wards.

As has happened in the past, the staff, family and friends of the JIS journeyed to the Home in December to celebrate with the boys and strengthen relationships.

Speaking at the recently-held award ceremony, Special Projects Manager, Andrine Davidson, noted that it was a pleasure to help mark the various milestones in the lives of the boys.

“We wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of people with whom we come into contact, and the JIS is happy for the opportunity to serve the boys in such a special way,” she said.

At the ceremony, boys were recognized for improved academic performance, deportment and social development. Wards who are new to the Home are also recognized and officially welcomed, with one being named ‘Best New Resident’.

This year, the Home’s ‘Boy of the Year’ received a resounding round of applause for his performance over the last 12 months. The ‘Boy of the Year’ has to be well-mannered, excel in academics, helpful, responsible and compassionate. The second time recipient was very gracious.

“I would like to thank the staff members of the Home who always motivate me. You can expect bigger things from me,” he promises.

Director of the Mount Olivet Boys’ Home, Sonia Lowe, says the relationship shared with the JIS is really important to the residents and workers at the Home.

“We are especially grateful for the mentorship that they offer our boys while they are at the Home. They also provide support for them once they have left,” she said. She also expressed delight that one of the past wards of the Home, who did very well in his CXC examinations, is now employed to the Marketing Department at the JIS.

“We hope that the partnership will continue for as long as it can,” the Director  said.

“At Christmas time we get together and enjoy each other’s company. JIS is very much interested in the boys’ wellbeing and wants them to excel in all they do, so annually we join their visit with our award ceremony,” she tells JIS News.

Donations for this year’s event came from Wisynco, Joseph’s, Rainforest Seafoods, New Choice Wholesale and the JIS.

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