• JIS News

    The South Coast Highway Improvement Project remains a priority of the Government.

    Coming out of the recently held Cabinet Retreat, it was directed that the tender for the first five sub-contracts to be carried out by local contractors be issued before the end of the 2018/2019 financial year.

    The other ten packages will be completed over a two year period.

    Of priority to the Government are:
    • Hordley to Long Road – 4.1km at a cost of USD2.3 million
    • Manchioneal to Fair Prospect – 8.8km at a cost of USD5.1 million
    • Morant Bay to Serge Island – 14.7km at a cost of USD5.1 million
    • Serge Island to Cedar Valley -11.7km at a cost of USD5.5 million
    • Morant Bay to Prospect – 8.9 km at a cost USD4.8 million
    The highway from Harbour View to Yallahs will be done by the China Harbour Engineering Company, CHEC and final design work will be completed in 6 months and work will commence by year-end.

    The Government reiterates that it remains committed to ensuring that the people of St. Thomas and Portland have a good road network.