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The Executive Director of the Social Development Commission (SDC), Mrs. Sonia Christie has resigned from the position with effect from 12th December 2008.
Mrs. Christie was appointed Executive Director in May 2008.
Information from the Honourable Olivia “Babsy” Grange, Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports is that Mrs. Christie advised in her resignation letter that she had been suffering with an illness that affected her eyes since last year resulting in the need for frequent treatment both locally and overseas.
The SDC Board and Management expressed their regret in accepting Mrs. Christie’s resignation and wished for her a speedy recovery. They commended her “positive and sterling contribution” to SDC.
Minister Grange said she had seen from Mrs. Christie an exemplary performance as head of the agency during her short time in the job. “The SDC staff members were motivated by the energy she brought to the Commission and felt a sense of renewed commitment to fulfilling the SDC’s mandate of community development across Jamaica.”

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