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RBTT Bank donated $100,000 towards the fund established to help the children left behind from the Portland motor vehicle tragedy of December 19. This brings the amount of money donated by individuals, companies and the Government of Jamaica to $2.6M.
Assistant General Manager, Marketing and Customer Care at RBTT, Judith Forth Blake said that “As a socially responsible corporate entity, we feel strongly about the welfare of the youth of our country, and the persons that will be affected by the accident are the surviving children and young dependents of the victims. It is our hope that the funds will be managed in a prudent manner so that the survivors will enjoy a promising future.”
In his message that was delivered at the presentation, Minister of State Daryl Vaz, thanked the bank for its donation and assured them that the money will be responsibly held in trust to serve the children until they achieve majority.
Member of Parliament for East Portland, Donald Rhodd, who was present for the handing-over, said that the donation would go a long way towards helping the dozens of children below age 18 who lost their sole breadwinner and at least one parent. He also noted that efforts continue to look after their immediate needs.
The Fund, A Helping Hand for the Children of Portland’s Rio Grande Valley: NCB Current Account 351 077 328 is open for donations from across the island.
The funerals of seven victims have already been held. The remains of three women and four men will be buried on Saturday, January 25 following a funeral service in the Mill Bank Community Centre.

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