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    The Ministry of Labour and Social Security is reporting that some 941 cases of loss and property damage have been recorded for the parish of St. James.
    According to the Ministry’s Regional Manager for St. James, Devon Malcolm, 33 homes were totally destroyed, 241 received severe damage, 112 experienced major damage, and 555 received minor damage.
    “To date we have issued 69 food packages, 38 tarpaulins and about five double-bed mattresses to affected persons. The team which comprised members of staff at the Ministry of Labour, St. James Parish Council representatives, seven members from the Jamaica Red Cross, three from the Salvation Army and some eleven National Youth Service workers, visited the communities and did house to house assessments,” Mr. Malcolm told JIS News.
    “Fortunately we have no one in shelters at this time. There were 41 shelters in operation during the hurricane hosting a total of 138 persons. The only shelter that was still in operation after the hurricane in the Mocco area of the parish has since closed its doors,” he added.
    He informed that the special hurricane grants for National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pensioners were expected to be received early next week and that these would be sent to the various post offices for distribution.
    There were approximately 4,700 NIS households and 4,500 Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH) beneficiaries in the parish who were affected by the hurricane, and who will be receiving assistance from the Ministry.

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