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Ten water tanks valuing more than $82,000 have been installed in several Old Harbour Bay communities in St. Catherine following the passage of Hurricane Dean. The tanks are a gift from C-Cam, an environmental agency, which partnered with relief organisation, Oxfam International, to obtain the items. Installation of the tanks is being spearheaded by the St. Catherine Parish Disaster Committee in conjunction with the St. Catherine Parish Council.
Secretary/Manager of the St. Catherine Parish Council, Franklyn Smith told JIS News that a second set of tanks was expected from the organisations and that the Council was in the process of identifying appropriate locations in affected communities for the installation of these.
Disaster Zone Representative and Shelter Manager for the Old Harbour Bay area, Robert Pike told JIS News that the ten tanks were installed on Thursday (Aug. 30) in areas including Terminal, Kelly Pen, More Pen Lane, Cross Road, Blackwood Gardens, Thompson Pen, Bay Bottom, and Dagger Bay.
He said that the tanks have been ideally positioned to provide the communities with enough water until their regular water supply returns.
According to Mr. Pike, the water tanks will serve a large number of the Old Harbour Bay residents, estimated to be more than 8,000.
“It will be serving a whole lot of people, but it is just a drop in the bucket for 8,000 people,” he added.With regards to the care and safety of the tanks, persons within the communities have been put in charge of the tanks and will be monitoring them to ensure that they have water.
Meanwhile, Shelter Manager for the area, Sandra Nemhard, said the tanks were appreciated by the residents.
“Where there is no water, there will be breakout of disease so we are grateful to the donors for coming in and seeing the need to help us at this time,” she stated.
However the Shelter Manager noted that there is a need for more tanks to help other communities that are still without tanks, such as Peters Land and Sal Gully, and called on the business community to assist.

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