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The Social Development Commission (SDC) has been praised for coordinating and implementing development activities in several communities across St. James.

Representatives of the parish’s Community Development Council’s (CDCs) benefitting from the SDC’s initiatives conveyed their satisfaction with the agency’s work during the organization’s parish forum at the Calvary Baptist Church in Montego Bay on Wednesday (March 27).

Key activities highlighted include: general infrastructural improvements; provision of skills training; and implementation of activities resulting in significant crime reduction.

“The SDC has been doing a great job. We commend them and ask that they continue to do so, and that other bodies help them to facilitate us, as a community. We have been taught a lot of things and they are working with us to achieve our goals,” noted Public Relations Officer, I-Can Initiative Youth Club, in Rose Heights, Joan Calvin.

In his comments, President, Glendevon CDC, Kevin Coy, said the agency helped the organization to initiate a domino tournament which is serving to unify the community. He noted that endeavour, which has been pivotal in stemming conflicts among rivals, has been well supported by the residents since its inception in February.

“We have decided that we (CDC) want to (positively) impact the community, and we (are doing so through) the domino tournament,” Mr. Coy said

In his report at the forum, SDC Parish Manager for the St. James, Randy Hayle, said the agency is focusing on training community leaders in efforts to foster development within their districts.

“We are strengthening the knowledge base of persons within communities, and over the period we have strengthened the governance framework in the parish. Some 588 community representatives from 48 groups have been trained in advocacy, leadership, meeting management, proposal writing, fundraising techniques, conflict resolution, and working with other agencies. The CDC should act as the voice for persons within the community, and to effect change. So we have taken a deliberate approach to (focus on) the CDCs,” he said.

By Garfield Angus, JIS Reporter

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