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The Portmore Municipal Council is developing land for the creation of a complex that will house several small businesses.
The property is located behind the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) depot in Greater Portmore and was donated by the Ministry of Housing, Water, Transport and Works.
Mayor of Portmore, George Lee, told JIS News that in addition to creating a facility for small entrepreneurs to ply their trade, room would be provided for a large open-air food market.
“The land that we’re building on will certainly house small businesses but space is being allocated for the building of a market, and we are in the process of seeking funding to build that market,” he informed.
He noted that, “just last week, we sat down and looked at the space we had and asked our team to develop the specks for it including for parking and other considerations.”
Meanwhile, the Mayor told JIS News that the Municipal Council would be embarking on a drive to remove vendors from restricted areas. The idea, he said, was to organise vending in the municipality, through the creation of approved vending areas.
He explained that, “we’ll call in all the vendors and serve notices on them and we will say to them, that we are going to look at a piece of land and we want to bring you onto it and provide certain services.
We intend to clean up certain communities but before we do that, we offer somewhere that they can ply their vending legally and so that’s where we are”.
“After that has been established, no allowance will be made otherwise and persons who flout the law, will face the full weight of it,” the Mayor added.

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