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Bull Savannah Primary School in St. Elizabeth was recently refurbished at a cost of $1.8 million, following damaged suffered from Hurricane Ivan in 2004.
The financing for the work was undertaken by the school’s Past Students’ Association and the Education Fund.
President of the Bull Savannah Past Students’ Association, Pearl Dunkley told JIS News that during the refurbishing exercise her organisation had taken the time to address some of the long standing problems that had affected the school.
“We reconnected the public water supply, overhauled the electrical system, repaired and painted the roof, did significant work on the main school building, the principal’s office and canteen.we also painted the computer lab, paved the school yard, as well as the roadway leading into the compound,” she informed.
Mrs. Dunkley said the group also had “open dialogue” with the vendors at the gate.
“We have created and extended and paved the vending area and we have in place an agreement that speaks to special regulations, which will be adhered to from now on,” she said.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Dunkley informed that the association had secured some 60 computers from abroad, which would be distributed to a number of St. Elizabeth schools.
“These new machines along with audio visual aids equipment has a value of over $550,000, which we will be distributing to Bull Savannah Primary, Top Hill Primary, Ballards Valley Primary, Munro College and Hampton High school once they have been cleared from customs,” she explained.
She thanked the St.Ann Bauxite Company, in particular the Gramercy Plant in Louisiana for shipping the equipment “free of cost” to Ocho Rios.
“It should be noted to date that my group working in collaboration with other entities have donated in excess of five million dollars to Bull Savannah over the last five years for the purpose of improving the learning environment for both teachers and students,” she said.

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