JIS News

President of the Small Business Association of Jamaica, Edward Chin Mook, has noted that the association will be focussing on, amongst other things, increasing its membership.
In an interview with JIS News, Mr. Chin Mook also stated that the association will be focussing on matters such as access to capital for small businesses; the impact of the high cost of fuel on small businesses; job creation; and productivity for the labour force.
“Small businesses will have to start looking at productivity, payment by productivity. So in terms of incentive based payments, no longer can you say to somebody I employ you for the month or for the week for ‘X’,” Mr. Chin Mook stated.
He also noted that small businesses needed special incentives or features so as to “get things moving.”
“Basically what we are going to be doing is lobbying at a higher level to get things happening. Right now small businesses pay National Housing Trust employer portion, there should be a feature where employers get the ability to buy business premises,” Mr. Chin Mook said.
With regards to the recently signed Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between CARIFORUM countries and the European Union (EU), Mr. Chin Mook noted that, the Agreement will bring opportunities to small businesses in Jamaica.
“If you look at the EPA you can see a lot of threats but if we focus on the threats then we are going to miss the opportunities. There are a lot of opportunities that are going to be opening up such as access to the (European) markets.
Meanwhile Deputy Governor-General, Reverend Canon the Honourable Weeville Gordon, today (Oct. 9), declared October 12 to 18, 2008 as Small Business Association of Jamaica Week, during a courtesy call at King’s House, by members of the association.
Activities for the week include a church service on Sunday, October 12 at the St. Andrew Parish Church; publication of a supplement in the Gleaner; motivational talks at Jamaica College and Mona High School; hosting of a seminar entitled ‘How to Manage your Business in Economic Recession’; hosting of a membership social; and visits to the Salvation Army and to the Seaview Community.