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Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Karl Samuda, has urged employers to implement innovative and creative ways of addressing issues, which arise in the workplace, in an effort to ensure that the employees remain productive.
Addressing the official launch of the Jamaica Employers’ Federation (JEF), Employer of Choice Competition, under the theme ‘…Promoting Great Jamaican Workplaces’, at the JEF’s headquarters in Kingston today (Oct. 9), Mr. Samuda said that based on the domestic and global issues, these should be implemented to tackle problems, which may occur.
“Management …today has to be very creative and find innovative ways of tackling these many problems that confront us all.there have been in the past situations where we were faced with certain challenges but they came in single digits or singularly at us. Today, it’s sort of a combination of difficulties that face us,” he said.
He was making reference to challenges such as decline in the demand for goods and services that are produced domestically, competing prices, high interest rates, and access to funding, among others.
Minister Samuda pointed out that, “For far too long, we have been dependent on the activities that relate or translate into remittances from abroad and we have really not done the amount of work necessary to put us in a position to face these sort of challenges, and so now that we are faced with the very real possibility of seeing a reduction in our remittances, that poses a serious threat to the macroeconomic situation in our country.”
He reiterated that it is against this background that new techniques are applied, adding that “the old fashion way of doing business.is simply not going to carry us through these very dynamic times.”
Mr. Samuda asserted that workers should be put in a position to determine their own pay through their productivity and as such, it is incumbent on the employers to provide the level of technology and training, to enable and facilitate the worker to become more productive, and be in a better position to demand a better wage.
He added that it is that application of new methods and techniques, that is going to move the country forward, noting that “unless we can apply technology and bring it to the workplace and make the worker more productive, we are not going to make it.”
The aim of the JEF Employer of Choice Award, is to promote an environment that facilitates and sustains successful Jamaican workplaces.
It is instrumental in increasing competitiveness by affording companies to benchmark themselves against the best in their class; to evaluate their company’s performance through the lens of their employees, as well as to review and evaluate human resources processes and systems. The award will recognise employers who meet certain criteria as determined by their employees.
The factors determining the JEF’s Employer of Choice Award, stipulate that the following criteria are considered important: learning opportunities, compensation, fringe benefits, profitability, career choice, treatment by management, health and safety, good corporate image, and long term goal. Additional information regarding rules and procedures can be accessed at: jefeoc2008@jamaicaemployers.com.