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The Simón Bolívar Cultural Centre in Kingston will host its annual Summer Arts Programme from Monday, July 4 to Friday, July 29.

Persons wishing to register online for the Programme can call or WhatsApp at 876-967-0378-80. Persons can also register at the facility’s North Parade location, downtown Kingston. The deadline for registration is June 24.

The programme is geared for students aged six to 17 years. Activities will involve Latin dancing, Spanish language, arts and craft and drumming. There will also be a field trip at the end of the programme.

Centre Manager, Simón Bolívar Cultural Centre, Nadine Boothe Gooden, told JIS News that the Centre, a division of the Institute of Jamaica, is mandated to foster Latin American and Caribbean integration through its programmes.

“We are trying to make sure that you have a sort of fusion of some Latin American and Caribbean influence. So, students will be learning and not just having fun,” she said.

In addition to gaining new experiences, she noted that students will be exposed to a second language.

Mrs. Gooden said it is important for Jamaicans to learn a second language, as the country is surrounded by Spanish-speaking neighbours, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

“In today’s world, a second language is becoming almost indispensable if you want to work across borders,” she said.

“So, it is a good thing. A second language has opened more doors, in terms of a career. You can access different markets, you can be trading and working across borders. There are different options,” Mrs. Gooden added.

She pointed out that several professionals in Jamaica have had to learn Spanish, because their companies needed bilingual employees.

The Centre, a gift to Jamaica from the Government and people of Venezuela, is named in honour of South American Liberator and Venezuelan Revolutionary Leader, Simón Bolívar.

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