JIS News

The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) will be hosting a series of events in Portland in celebration of Emancipation/Independence 2005 in that parish.
The events will commence with an Independence Thanksgiving Service at the New Testament Church of God in Port Antonio on Sunday, July 31, and will also include an Emancipation Vigil in the Port Antonio town square on Sunday, July 31, the annual Independence Flag-raising ceremony in the Port Antonio town square on Independence Day, Saturday, August 6 and Mello-Go-Round and Street Dance in Port Antonio.
In addition, pop and variety shows and street dances are scheduled to be held in the town squares of Buff Bay and Manchioneal on Independence Day.
Portland’s Cultural Organizer, Linneth Richards told JIS News that the functions have been carefully planned to ensure the full support and participation of the people of the parish.
She noted that the vigil would commence with a parade of a number of uniformed and costumed groups, and would feature an ecumenical service and performances by several cultural groups in the parish.
Miss Richards pointed out that the Independence Day flag-raising ceremony would feature performances by a number of awardees in this year’s dance and traditional folk form competitions, and the Mello-Go-Round would include performances in dance, speech and music by a number of individuals.
She noted that the pop and variety show and street dance would be highlighted by a talent search competition, and that prizes and souvenirs from the JCDC would be handed out to the performers in appreciation for their participation.