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Five persons from the county of Middlesex were bestowed with the prestigious Governor General’s Award on Wednesday (July 27) at the St. Gabriel’s Anglican Church Hall in May Pen.
They are Roland McPherson from St. Ann, Carmen Margarita Ward, from Manchester, Gordon Foster from St. Catherine, Edwin Samuel Coleman from St. Mary, and Linda Kelly from Clarendon.
Speaking at the awards function Governor General of Jamaica Sir Howard Cooke commended those who were being awarded and described them as persons who volunteered their services to make their communities great.
“Every time I come here or elsewhere, I return home lifted up because I learn more about the greatness of our people and we’re finding more and more that the greatness is not necessarily at the level of the University or even among the distinguished doctors and lawyers. Sometimes it is that volunteer that works in the village and makes the village great and sometimes succeeds in unearthing in the village, talents and making it blossom elsewhere,” he said.
The Governor General’s Achievement Awards Programme was initiated in 1991 to recognize Jamaicans who originate from humble or inconspicuous circumstances but who have contributed worthwhile and outstanding services to their communities and their country.
Fourteen persons are awarded annually, nominated by their peers. To date about some 187 persons representing a wide range of professions and occupations have been recognized.
The Achievement Programme is sponsored nationally by the Gleaner Company, Jamaica National Building Society, the Victoria Mutual Building Society, Scotia Jamaica Building Society, and First Caribbean International Building Society.
The event in Clarendon was sponsored by BNS May Pen, Dehring Bunting and Golding, JAMALCO, JMMB, Juici Patties May Pen, National Commercial Bank and Super Plus May Pen.