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An exposition and a concert are being held at Emancipation Park, today (November 20) as part of activities to mark Civil Service Week 2012.

This follows Monday's official launch of the week at the Office of the Prime Minister, at which the civil servant of the year was announced. Senior Public Health Nurse, Beverly Davis Samuels is this year’s winner.

Civil Service Week is geared towards highlighting the work and worth of outstanding civil servants who have given excellent service to central government and to the country as a whole. The week’s activities showcase talents, special efforts, outstanding performances, years of active dedicated service in central government and team effort portrayed by civil servants.

The highlight of the week, which runs from November 18 to 23, will be the Jamaica Civil Service Long Service Awards to be held on Wednesday (November 21) at King’s House. On Thursday (November 22), Ministries will have their in-house activities; and the Jamaica Civil Service Association will host its Secondary School Quiz Competition at the Medallion Hall Hotel.

Activities will culminate on Friday (November 23) with ‘Brain Games’ to be held at the Ministry of Finance and Planning; and the Out of Many After Work Lyme that will be held at the National Housing Trust Club House.

Minister with responsibility for the Public Service, Horace Dalley, in his remarks read by Director General in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Dian McIntosh,at the launch, said Civil Service Week 2012, should be used “to encourage, reinvigorate, and re-energise our civil servants to work better for the Jamaican people, despite the challenges of the tough economic times."

“Do not be discouraged, but continue to give of your best in implementing policies, programmes, and delivering quality services required to move the country towards prosperity for the next 50 years,” he said.

He noted that although great strides have been made, “we still have a lot more work to do to deliver an efficient and modernised public sector, built to respond to the increasing demands and needs of its stakeholders."

The Minister noted that the Government is working towards creating a sector that is leaner, open, responsive and innovative; and one that ensures good governance and accountability.

“This is why the Government is firmly committed to finding creative avenues through which to invest in our human resources without jeopardising the economic welfare of the country. We acknowledge that you (civil servants) have been called upon to make many sacrifices in the interest of the country, even as we face the day to day challenges of balancing your limited resources,” he said.

President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association, Oneil Grant, for his part, contended that what citizens of Jamaica enjoy today, “could not have been made possible without the civil service, the civilian arm of Government."

“Our role (civil servants) is to guard the administrative front. Our role is to ensure that the type of war that we are fighting, the economic war, dealing with the social issues, creating a state that supports every citizen, is one that we are fully equipped and well trained to deal with,” he said.

Civil Service Week is being held under the theme: ‘Civil Servants in Action: Celebrating Jamaica’.