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Senior Public Health Nurse, Beverly Davis Samuels, says she is humbled and honoured to have been chosen as the Civil Servant of the Year.

Mrs. Davis Samuels was announced as the winner of the award from a group of seven nominees, during the official launch of Civil Service Week 2012, at the Office of the Prime Minister, on November 19.

“I am humbly accepting this award on behalf of all my other fellow civil servants, especially my team members in St. Mary, because I was only able to do what I did because of their support and their motivation,” she told JIS News following the ceremony.

The Public Health Nurse, based in St. Mary, was recognised for her positive impact on organisational goals, team work, outstanding community service and selfless contributions to public health care and education.

All winners of the award are expected to undertake a one-year project and Mrs. Davis Samuels said her project will focus on assisting the residents of St. Mary to recover from the natural disasters (hurricane and floods) that have hit the parish recently.

“St. Mary is really going through a depressing time and I think as a public health face, someone who has been working with the people in St. Mary…it makes me realise that my task continues. I know that my project must have something to do with helping my people in St. Mary to bounce back after all our recent hardships,” she told JIS News.

In a citation read by First Vice Chairman of the First Heritage Co-operative, Christopher Samuda, Mrs. Davis Samuels is described as an educator, avid leader, team player, motivator and nation builder who strives for excellence.

“Her co-workers testify to her determination and zest for a job well done and to her passion to see others shine which allowed her to moblise assistance for a displaced, pregnant, single mother of two who was rescued from homelessness and hospitalisation,” the document read.

“Her worthiness as the Civil Servant of the Year 2012, is characterised by her selfless contributions to public health care and education and in her unending positive impact through service to community,” the citation continued.

Minister with responsibility for the Public Service, Horace Dalley, in his remarks, read by Director General in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Dian McIntosh, said the Government values the tremendous work that civil servants do for the country and the people every day.

“Through good and bad times, you are always faced with the tough challenges to meet the increased needs of stakeholders by delivering quality services in a shorter time and with less resource. Civil Service Week provides us this perfect opportunity to place your many accomplishments and contributions in the spotlight,” he said.

The other nominees were: Public Health Nurse, Jacqueline Francis-Wright; Community Health Aide, Beverly Brown-Williams; Supervisory Midwife, Iris May Murray; Regional Manager, Jamaica Information Service, Bryan Miller; Syndicate Director, Caribbean Regional Drug Law Enforcement Training Centre, Ministry of National Security, Neidane Heron; and Storekeeper/Inventory Officer, Ministry of Tourism, Maxine Gayle-Savage.

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