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Pro Chancellor of the University of Technology (UTech), the Most Hon. Edward Seaga, says education is the greatest help to social advancement, and is the tool that will take many Jamaicans out of poverty.
“Education can give you a good career, can help you to develop your self esteem and can make you socially mobile,” he told first year students at UTech, during a special induction ceremony, held on August 26.
“It is the ladder to take you over that wall of discrimination, and to be given the respect that is due to someone who is educated and is earning in the society at a certain level,” Mr. Seaga said.

Pro Chancellor of the University of Technology (UTech), the Most Hon. Edward Seaga in discussion with University Orator, Pamela Kelly, following a special induction ceremony for new students on August 26.

The former Prime Minister said education must be seen as an industry, “an industry to which we must pay maximum attention and provide maximum support.”
“Every time you develop that child, so that he becomes somebody, every time you develop that student so that he can go on to a career, you are investing in someone who is going to make a bigger return to you and the economy,” Mr. Seaga argued.
He pointed out that too many Jamaicans have failed to realise their full potential, simply because their families were unable to finance their tertiary education.
Meanwhile, UTech’s Vice President in charge of Planning and Operations, Professor Kofi Nkrumah-Young said the university has been expanding its offerings by taking its programmes to the people across Jamaica.
He said it is UTech’s intention to build a university culture in parts of Jamaica which never had those opportunities before.
Professor Nkrumah-Young informed that UTech now has a satellite campus in St. James, Portland, Manchester, St. Ann, Clarendon and Trelawny. “In addition, we are getting ready to establish our footprint in St. Elizabeth and in Hanover,” he noted.
He said the institution has also introduced a number of new programmes in the areas of pharmacology, dentistry, occupational health and safety, public health, health administration, entrepreneurship, civil engineering, sports and science and technical education.
The Professor further informed that the institution will be breaking ground later this year for new blocks of classrooms, lecture theatres, labs and additional residential accommodation for students.

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