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Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding says despite the reported reduction in all major crimes committed between June and mid-August, there is still much more work to be done by the security forces, to further reduce these.
Speaking at the handing over of funds by three corporate entities for the restoration of the Darling Street police station, at the facility, in downtown Kingston, on August 26, Mr. Golding said while he was “cautiously optimistic” about further reductions in crime, in light of the decrease, inclusive of the 45 per cent decline in murders up to August 22, there was no cause for celebration.
“I have urged them (Police Commissioner and Chief of Defence Staff) to do everything possible to ensure that we can sustain that effort. We used to look at 150 murders a month. that was the monster that had to be confronted and tamed. For the months of June, July and now into August, we’re looking more at 80 to 90 per month. What I said to them is that 80 to 90 is now the new monster that has to be tamed,” the Prime Minister said.
While acknowledging that crime cannot be totally eliminated, Mr. Golding stressed that Jamaica is still a far way from attaining what can be considered “a tolerable level of crime.” In this regard, he said the restoration of the Darling Street station will contribute significantly to the effort.
The station was among several buildings and facilities, inclusive of the Hannah Town Police Station and the Coronation Market, which sustained damage during the unrest in West Kingston, in May.
Corporate entities, National Commercial Bank (NCB), LIME, and Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL), have provided $6 million to undertake restoration of the Darling Street police station.
The initiative was spearheaded by NCB, which sought to mobilise financial assistance to execute the undertaking, through corporate partnership with LIME and SVL, following discussions with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).
Group Managing Director, NCB, Patrick Hylton; Managing Director, Customer Segments, LIME, Garfield Sinclair; and SVL Chairman, Paul Hoo, each presented cheques for $2 million, to Prime Minister Golding, who is also Member of Parliament for the area, and National Security Minister, Senator Dwight Nelson.
Prime Minister Golding, in expressing gratitude for the entities’ input, pointed out that the funds will cover a substantial portion of the cost to restore the station, adding that the gesture represents the kind of private/public sector partnership on which Jamaica’s future “is going to depend.”
Mr. Golding pointed out that the station is a pivotal part of the JCF network serving that section of Kingston, and which includes those at Denham Town, City Centre and Hannah Town.

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