Schools Renamed in Honor of John Rollins

The Success Primary School, one of two schools opened in St. James on Friday (March 16), has been renamed the John Rollins Success Primary School in honour of the late philanthropist and businessman, who has made a significant contribution to the country’s tourism sector.
Minister of State for Education and Youth, Senator Noel Monteith, in his address at the opening and dedication ceremony, said that the renaming of the school was to acknowledge the support to the institution by the Rollins family and the Ritz Carlton Hotel, which Mr. Rollins built.
“I know that part of that continuing support will constitute the work plans to make this institution a centre of excellence and a model school in this region. All of us here know of the tireless work of John Rollins, philanthropist and businessman, who had contributed to the development of the Rose Hall area. His legacy remains with us today,” Mr. Monteith stated.
Meanwhile, he highlighted the importance of strong partnerships between communities and stakeholder groups in the development of this and other institutions across the country. “The institution is strategically located in a thriving tourist mecca and we anticipate strong partnerships between the hotels, parents and the wider community,” he stated.
Mr. Monteith further encouraged the school community led by principal, Yvonne Miller-Wisdom to “stake their claim on this institution.”
“The physical plant belongs to you. Take care of it, maintain it; ensure that this school achieves the goal that ‘every child can learn . every child must’,” he urged.
The Education State Minister promised that at a later date, the official plaque bearing the new name of the school would be unveiled.
The John Rollins Success Primary School is one of 17 schools being built by the Ministry of Education and Youth in collaboration with the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) under the $3.5 billion North Western Schools Programme.
The schools will provide 16,000 classroom spaces in the parishes of Trelawny, St. James, Hanover and Westmorland.

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