JIS News

The Manchester Club in Mandeville, said to be the oldest golfing club in the Caribbean, yesterday (March 16) staged a “heritage tournament” to mark its 142nd anniversary.
Captain at the club, Carlisle Welsh, told JIS News that the one-day event had the full backing of the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo).
Meanwhile, he informed that the club was working with the Jamaica Heritage Trust to get the facility declared as a protected heritage site.
He reasoned that this declaration with help to generate greater interest in the facility and bring more tourists to the site, especially with the Jamaica Tourist Board promoting the country as a golfing destination.
“It is the oldest golf course in the western hemisphere as it is in fact older than anything you find in the Americas or even Canada, so we do have a lot to be proud of and we want to expose this to visitors,” he said.
Encouraging more persons to take up golfing, Mr. Welsh said that, “there are many benefits to be derived from the playing of the sport as for example, many major business deals have been put together on the course.”
In addition, he pointed out, “you can play it at any age” and “enjoying nature and friendship are also a part of the experience.”