JIS News

Director for Region Six in the Ministry of Education, Simon McKenzie, has reported that most schools in the Region got off to a smooth start, for the 2008/09 school year.
According to Mr. McKenzie, only minor inconvenience was suffered as a result of the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav.
“In relation to damage done to schools due to the passing of Gustav, no major damage was reported, except for two schools, Alston Primary and Infant in Clarendon and Wakefield in St. Catherine, which lost a few sheets of zinc,” he told JIS News.
These schools are operating fairly normally, while they wait to have repair work effected. The Director informed that access roads to some schools had been rendered impassable, but have since been cleared.
With regard to the deployment of human resources across the Region, he said all schools are currently operating at full capacity, as staffing concerns had been addressed in advance.
“Staffing is not an issue to date. For those schools that have changes in leadership, we at the Region have tried to stay on top of things, so that replacements were made on time. Where that was not done.we tried to intervene, so that the acting person or the person who was in a position, could carry on, until the official appointment is made,” Mr. McKenzie said.
Schools in Clarendon which have experienced changes in leadership include, Morgans Pass Primary, Mocho Primary, Aenon Town Primary and Beulah All-age. Paul Mountain Primary, Luidas Vale Primary and Cassava River Primary Schools in St. Catherine also had similar changes.
Mr. McKenzie asserted that no school within the Region was gravely affected by a shortage of furniture or equipment, as schools received supplies throughout the course of the school year.
“There is a rolling delivery to schools. We don’t wait until a specific time to deliver new furniture to schools. As we produce, we deliver,” he informed.
He expressed satisfaction at the level of preparedness in the Region for the challenges of the new school year.
“So far, so good. The start has been fairly smooth. There has been an improvement over previous years, so each year it is getting better, because we have learnt from previous experience, to make it better each time,” he added.