JIS News

Foga Road High School in Clarendon, which commenced operations in 2007, opened its doors to a new batch of students on September 3.
For the first year, it operated only at the Grade 7 level, with a population of 260 students. However, for the 2008/09 school year, the former Grade 7 students have moved on to Grade 8, while new Grade 7 students have been accommodated.
Director for Region Six in the Ministry of Education, Simon McKenzie, informed JIS News, that in order to accommodate both sets of students, the school would operate a temporary shift system. He said discussions had already taken place with parents and other parties that might be affected by this arrangement, and all are willing to facilitate this move.
A shift system, Mr. McKenzie said, would be necessary until construction work on the new school building is completed. The projected completion date is January 2009. Currently, the school operates out of the old Factories Corporation building on Foga Road. The new building is located on the same premises.
“The new location is fast on its way to be ready for use in January. We were hoping the new building would have been ready for September. That is not so, so we have had to institute a temporary shift system. We discussed this with the parents and they are in agreement to facilitate the new Grade 7 coming in,” he pointed out.
Mr. McKenzie informed that the staff complement at the school had already been increased, in anticipation of the number of students who would be enrolled at the school this academic year.
The Ministry has projected that within the next 5 years, the school should be operating as a fully established secondary institution, accommodating students up to Grade 11.