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As hundreds of primary-level institutions prepare to resume face-to-face instruction, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information is advising school administrators to ensure that all the necessary protocols are in place.

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, announced on Tuesday (October 26), that 376 schools have been selected to offer in-person classes beginning November 8.

The Education Ministry, in a bulletin, said that administrators are required to obtain a satisfactory institutional health inspection and coronavirus (COVID-19)-compliant approval report from the Ministry of Health and Wellness for this new academic year.

In addition, administrators should engage parents in consultation to arrive at a consensus on the start date for in-person learning, which should provide adequate time to prepare the students.

They should also submit, to the regional office, a copy of the satisfactory health report and a letter signed by the board chairman, indicating the extent of the parent consultation and the proposed start date for face-to-face engagement.

The letter is to outline the schedule for in-person learning, including the approach to be used – whole day or rotational. Where the COVID-19 protocols allow, all the students should be accommodated daily. However, where this is not possible, each year group will be given at least two days of in-person learning each week.

The education region in consultation with the Ministry’s Planning and Development Division and the Schools’ Operations and Improvement Services Branch, will provide written approval for the commencement of face-to-face instruction. The region will also provide monitoring support as is customary.

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