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Mayor of Savanna-La-Mar and Chairman of the Westmoreland Parish Council, Councillor Bertel Moore, has bemoaned the deterioration of proper values and attitudes, especially among students.
The Mayor urged parents and guardians to continue training the young people, in order for them to adapt the right principles and become heroes in their own rights.
He was addressing hundreds of citizens at the Westmoreland Heroes Day Civic Ceremony, Savanna-La-Mar, on Monday (October 19).
The Mayor made a strong call for greater focus on the discipline of children, to ensure that they grow with love and respect for human life. He also called on the young people to follow the examples set by the national heroes.

Westmoreland’s local heroes who were honoured for outstanding and meritorous contributions to their communities and parish. They are (from left): Ura Welch and Hortense James for education; Chester Myrie for business; Russell Hammond for politics; Reneita Wood for culture; and Merle Brissett, Yvonne Baker, Astil Gage and Constable Boris Whyte for community development.

“This reminds us that you all can become heroes of your country, if only you follow in their footsteps. I say to you, therefore, believe in yourselves, believe in Jamaica and embrace our heritage,” Mayor Moore appealed.
Recipient of the Westmoreland Hero’s award, Russell Hammond, said that it was the responsibility of each Jamaican to do his or her part, to rid the country of the violence that has slowly engulfed it.
“We need to recognize that, at this time, as individuals, whatever contribution we have to make in removing crime and violence from our midst, we ought to do it,” Mr. Hammond, who also read the Prime Minister’s National Heroes Day message, told the crowd.
“We all have a role to play . let us make our own individual contribution . to do all that we can, so that Jamaica can be a peaceful country for all its citizens,” he urged.
At the National Heroes Day Salute, Westmoreland honoured nine local heroes for outstanding and meritorious contributions to the development of the parish, in the fields of education, culture, business, politics and community development.
Awardees were; Ura Welch, Hortense James, Chester Myrie, Russell Hammond, Reneita Wood, Merle Brissett, Yvonne Baker, Astil Gage and Constable Boris Whyte.

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