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Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa in Eastern Westmoreland, has intensified its energy conservation drive, with the staging of its first ‘Energy Expo’ at the property.
The Expo, which was aimed at sensitizing both hotel staff and citizens across the parish on the importance of conserving and using less energy, saw several community groups including schools and churches, receiving energy-saving tips from utility companies and national and local businesses.
The companies that set up display booths included, Ecological Technologies Limited (Eco tech), Cable and Wireless Jamaica, Shell Gas of Jamaica, the National Water Commission (NWC), Automotive Engineering Limited, Gold Rush Appliances and Sandals Engineering and Environment Department.
General Manager of Sandals Whitehouse, Jeremy Jones, told JIS News that the idea behind the Expo was to get all staff members ‘converted’ to the attitude of avoiding wastes by conserving.
“The reason we put this Expo together was to get the team members aware and sensitive to the energy conservation drive that the hotel has going on and which is common to all the Sandals properties.
This is something we do with our out-reach programmes and we thought that if we were able to sensitize our team members here to the importance of conserving, of using less, then they are going to see the sustainability for the future,” Mr. Jones noted.He pointed out that no one would be able to control the oil prices but consumption however, could be manipulated.
“If we are able to minimize or reduce our consumption, then it just stands to reason that the price we are paying is going to go down or the bills are going to be a little bit less and that’s what we really have in mind. How to use less of the petroleum products and byproducts and try to find alternative sources of energy and just to be smart about the things we do from the energy side of life . We need to be more conscientious about our consumption and we need to conserve and recycle,” the Hotel Manager stressed.
Meanwhile, Assistant Public Relations Manager, Keith Wedderburn informed that the Expo placed special emphasis on community participation, resulting in many and varied groups becoming involved in the programme.
“With the price of oil and other energy set to experience levels of increase, Sandals Whitehouse through its community outreach programmes, has ensured that our valued members of the communities are educated in conservation methods. Based on the feedbacks we have received so far, we felt that we did the right thing in involving them in this expo and in the long run this will impact significantly on their ability to save amidst the trying conditions we are all faced with,” Mr. Wedderburn said.

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