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The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) is working closely with the farmers of Portland to boost coco production in the parish.
RADA Parish Manager for Portland, Crawford Clarke, told JIS News that the thrust was being carried out under the Ministry of Agriculture’s Domestic Food Crop and Marketing Project, which aims to increase production for domestic and export markets. He informed that Portland had a competitive advantage in coco cultivation.
A total of 19 farmers are involved in the project, which started in 1998, with approximately 11 hectares of the crop already planted.
Mr. Clarke stated that every effort was being made to ensure that additional land was put into production by the end of the year, adding that a total of$180, 000 was allocated to the project in 2004 to assist coco farmers.
Observing that there was a great deal of financial benefits to be derived from coco farming, because of its marketability both locally and abroad,Mr. Clarke said the crop was cost effective crop and durable.
He noted that the farmers were highly cooperative and enthusiastic about the project and assured them of RADA’s continued support as they strove to increase agricultural production in Portland.

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