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The leading edge of the Saharan Dust plume currently across the eastern Caribbean is expected to impact Jamaica, starting Monday (June 22).

Satellite images from the past few days show the thick dust moving off the west coast of Africa, crawling across the Atlantic and eastern Caribbean on Sunday, and now moving into the Central Caribbean.

The dust mass is expected to begin moving across the island this afternoon and will linger across the island until Friday. The projection is for the greatest concentrations to move across Jamaica on Tuesday and Wednesday with a reduction by the end of the week.

The arrival of the Saharan dust layer is not unusual and happens every year between May and October. The plumes are usually short-lived, lasting no more than a week. However, what is different this year is the thickness of the plume that is observed on the satellite
imagery and as a result we are expecting greater concentrations in the dust levels.

Hazy conditions are therefore expected to affect sections of most parishes, with warmer temperatures, and a reduction in rainfall is also likely.

Note: People who have asthma, respiratory illnesses, allergies or other concerns should take the necessary precautionary measures.

The Meteorological Service will continue to monitor the situation.

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