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A number of streets downtown Kingston will be closed to vehicular traffic on Wednesday (August 9) to facilitate the church service and interment of late Jamaican cultural icon Louise Bennett Coverley (Miss Lou).
Except for VIP parking, which will be allowed at the Ward Theatre at North Parade and at the intersection of East Queen Street and East Parade, no traffic will be permitted at National Heroes Circle; King Street; Duke Street; Barry Street; Parade and Church Street.
Police personnel will be on hand to direct traffic and members of the public are being asked to adhere to the directions.
Miss Lou, who died in Canada on July 26 at the age 86, has been accord an official funeral service, which will be held at the Coke Methodist Church at East Parade.
Miss Lou’s body will be transported from the Sam Isaac Funeral Home in a convoy, which will move north along Hanover Street and continue west on to Barry Street. The convoy will then go north along King Street up to South Parade.
Continuing along the defined route, the funeral procession will then go west along South Parade to West Parade, then north along West Parade until it reaches North Parade. The convoy will then turn east along North Parade going up to Coke Methodist Church for the official funeral service at 2:00 pm.
After the funeral service, the procession will go east on to East Queen Street, tuning left on to Duke Street and going north up to South Heroes Circle for interment at National Heroes Park.
Entry to the park will be permitted via the south gate, which may be reached by going east along South Heroes Circle.
Miss Lou passed away on July 26 at her home in Canada. She was 86 years

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