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Effective immediately, the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) will be producing no impediment certificates on security paper, in a bid to stem fraudulent attempts to create similar documents.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Patricia Holness, told a JIS ‘Think Tank’ on January 26 that this was largely because persons have been attempting to replicate the RGD’s letterhead on which no impediment certificates were being printed.
“There are several agencies and countries around the world that are requiring a no impediment certificate to identify whether or not a person has ever been married,” she explained.
Continuing, she noted that the RGD would also be looking to secure data on divorces, as persons might have been married but were free at the time of the request for the certificate, having obtained a divorce.
According to the CEO, in 2001 the RGD began producing marriage, birth and death certificates on security paper, as a result of similar fraudulent occurrences.
“It will not be the same pattern or style, but it will be of a somewhat different format, along with the RGD’s seal and watermark,” Dr. Holness pointed out.

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