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Governor General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke has said that diplomacy has played an integral part in the search for solutions to civil strife, economic dislocation as well as health and environmental issues.
Addressing members of the diplomatic community at a dinner hosted in their honour at King’s House yesterday (January 27), Sir Howard said diplomats have “a greater potential to direct the affairs of mankind, whether in the social, political, or economic realm”.
“We know that diplomacy is the bridge that unites us. Indeed, our relationship is built on shared values of respect and an unwavering commitment to global peace and security,” he added.
The Governor General said that at the multilateral level, through forums such as the United Nations, the Commonwealth and within other international and regional organisations, diplomacy has been employed as a tool to promote good neighbourliness, facilitate the provision of development assistance and also aided significantly in the settlement of disputes. The diplomatic dinner formed part of the celebrations of Diplomatic Week, which is in its seventh year of being commemorated by the Jamaican Foreign Service. Sir Howard explained that activities for the Week were “intended to create opportunities for closer collaboration and interaction between the Diplomatic Corps and the Foreign Service”.
“The Week provides also, the opportunity for members of the Diplomatic Corps who reside overseas, to reconnect with their colleagues and be apprised of events and new developments in Jamaica,” he added.
Currently, Jamaica has diplomatic relations with 141 countries, 74 of which have accredited representatives, with 29 being resident in Jamaica.

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