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Rev. Al Sharpton to Attend Morant Bay Rebellion 158th Anniversary Memorial Service

By: , October 21, 2023
Rev. Al Sharpton to Attend Morant Bay Rebellion 158th Anniversary Memorial Service
Photo: Donald De La Haye
Mayor of Morant Bay, Councillor Hubert Williams.

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Renowned American civil rights activist, Rev. Al Sharpton, will be special guest at a memorial service in St. Thomas on October 24 to commemorate the 158th anniversary of the Morant Bay Rebellion, which was led by National Hero, the Right Excellent Paul Bogle.

The event, to be held at Paul Bogle Square in Morant Bay commencing at 6:00 p.m., will also feature a candlelight vigil.

Speaking during a recent press launch for the event, Mayor of Morant Bay, Councillor Hubert Williams, said with Rev. Sharpton slated to speak during the service, this year’s remembrance of the historic events of 1865 will be special.

“We are going to be blessed by the presence of one of the world’s most renowned civil rights leaders, and I must say this, Rev. Al was so happy to visit the people of St. Thomas, the daughters and sons of Paul Bogle, that he gave us a gift by paying his air fare for himself and his entire entourage,” Councillor Williams disclosed.

He added that this development proves that “there are people out there, well-known people, who understand and appreciate the work of Paul Bogle; and it’s about time [that] we the people of St Thomas really celebrate Paul Bogle to the full extent.”

Mayor Williams, who described Rev. Sharpton’s visit to the parish as “a big deal”, said “we just want Jamaica and the world to know that St. Thomas is open for business and we are the most cultural parish in Jamaica.

“We want tourists to come here to know about and experience our deep heritage and culture,” he added.

The service is being hosted by the St. Thomas Municipal Corporation in collaboration with the Paul Bogle Foundation.

Objectives of the ceremony include reminding the citizens of St. Thomas and Jamaica about the immeasurable value of the deeds of Paul Bogle and allied martyrs and promoting the value of making sacrifices against the odds.

Last Updated: October 23, 2023

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